Monday, April 11, 2016

Lite Cupcake

Here is a cupcake that isn't a calerie bomb.  : )  It is a crocheted version with some hand sewn sprinkles.


To Make the Brown Base:
Make a loop.
Round 1:  Chain 3. Make a ring by putting the hook in the first loop and pull the yarn inside it.
Round 2:  Chain 1.  Double crochet 5 into the ring.
Round 3:  Chain 1. Double crochet 2 into each stitch.
Rounds 4-6:  Repeat the above step two times.
Round 7: (DC1, DC1, DC2)*
Round 8: Chain 1 and DC1 in each stitch all around.
Rounds 9-17: Repeat step 8.
End it by tying the end of the thread or just hiding it within the inside stitches.
Flip it to the other side.
Stuff it and leave it to be sewn later. 

To Make the White Top:
Make a loop.
Round 1: Chain 3.  Make a ring.
Round 2: Chain 1 and DC6 into the ring.
Rounds 3-5:  Chain 1 and 2 DC into each stitch.
Rounds 6-11:  Chain 1 and DC1 in each stitch.

Use more stuffing and the sew the base and the top together.

To Make the Pink Flower:
Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 1:  Work (DC3, sl st) into center of ring 5 times, then join with a slip stitch to close flower and fasten off.
Leave a little extra yarn to sew the flower onto the cupcake.

Using regular thread, sew some beads onto the cupcake to be sugar sprinkles.

I would love to see your finished cupcake!

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