Saturday, April 23, 2016

Princess Pillows

Which girl doesn't need a princess pillow?

Because I have two girls and they happen to be 4- and 6-years old, it just so happens they are princess fans.  : )

Amore - Baumwolle - pinkI found this nice princess material
(Amore Art-Nr: 94_amore_33)

Because the material had a heart design, I decided to use the hearts and make heart pillows.  I very carefully sewed the pillow together with my overlock machine...because normally an overlock only sews straight.  : )

Below you can see both sides of one of the pillows.  I cannot refer to the sides as front or back of the pillow, because all of the princesses are equally wonderful!  : )

My daughters helped my stuff the pillows.  After that I sewed the remaining hole closed using a blind stitch.  Now the princess pillows are finished!

My daughters had a difficult time deciding on which side they wanted to sleep, however, they said the pillows are so nice and soft and they've never slept better!  : )

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  1. They are so sweet! Zara would love one of Ariel, aka Big Guppie. We have a show over here called Bubble Guppies. They are mermaids, but young kids.